In the Land of Make Believe – Who Believes?

The Little Old Lady
stands in the street waiting
as they repossess her shoe

her welfare’s been cut
her power’s been shut
and she’s lost her children too.

Mr. Jack Spratt
has learned to eat fat
‘cause there’s nothing else on his plate

his wife’s not so lean
she’s strong and she’s mean
when he returns from the bar too late.

And Little Jack Horner
stands in the corner
his eyes are black and blue

his mother was mad
now he’s waiting for Dad
who’ll make his arms and legs that way too.

The Sneeches with stars
march through the stores and the bars
demanding and equal share

and those Sneeches without
from Washington shout
and the military quiet the affair.

While Jack’s up the hill
giving his all to Jill
he leaves her with 2 months to decide

But she didn’t know
her school couldn’t show
and now there’s a seed growing inside.

It’s 20th century make believe
everyone plays – no one believes
and the Butcher has saved the moon.

But when this story is told
and all the children are old
and the make believe has ceased

They’ll sit at the table
and dream if they’re able
while Mother Goose is the Thanksgiving feast.

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