The War of the Hoses

In preparation for my mother’s 89th birthday, I was going through her old pictures and files and came across the most amazing series of letters which I have dubbed “the War of the Hoses.” My mother was a WAC in WWII and served very proudly. In 1946 she and some of the girls discovered that nylons, which were very hard to find in the USA, were much more affordable in Mexico! So being based in Texas, they crossed the border. And so the saga begins…

I just loved this story because it so speaks to the women of WWII as well as the innocence of this earlier time. Not going to Mexico to smuggle meth, just pantyhose. What’s a girl to do, after all?? Next year, Mom turns 90, God willing.

Click the link below to read the War of the Roses letters
War of the Hoses (Lewenz)2

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